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Summertime, and e-reading is easy!

Worried that you’ll miss the Casti Library this summer? You don’t need to be! Our collection of more than 1700 ebooks is open 24/7. You can log in whenever you like. Click here to visit our digital library!

Ebooks are readable on many different devices and apps. Learn more on our FAQ or stop by the library to talk to one of your librarians before you head out on summer vacation. We can also show you how to download audiobooks from your public library.

So what’s in the digital library? Something for everyone, we hope! From childhood classics to YA to adult; from science fiction to historical fantasy to contemporary realism; from popular bestsellers to spectacular under-the-radar releases; the collection has a lot to choose from. If you need a book recommendation, click on the purple square to your right and look at our recommended reading booklet, Pinterest account, NoveList Plus, and recommended other sources for finding great books. Happy reading!

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