Book Trends: Reality TV

Whether or you love it or love to hate it, reality television has become a huge part of our culture. So much so it’s seeped into the publishing world. Here’s four books that take involve reality shows, but take the idea in very different directions.

Life in a Fishbowl

Life in a Fishbowl by Len Vlahos

When Jackie’s dad is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, he auctions his life on eBay to the highest bidder–a sociopathic reality show producer. Jackie finds her own ways to rebel in this darkly comic novel.


Hunter by Mercedes Lackey

Joyeaux Charmand leaves her community of Hunters, who fight the terrifying monsters that have overrun their world, to guard the elite in Apex City. But the elite are more interested in watching the Hunters, and Joy uncovers a disturbing conspiracy.

Spin the Sky

Spin the Sky by Jill MacKenzie

Magnolia and her half-sister Rose want out of their small town with its residents who judge them because of their addict mother. Mags’ best friend convinces her a reality TV dance competition is the best way, but after he betrays her on TV, she must reach out to the other competitors to succeed.

The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe

The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe by D.G. Compton

Humanity has conquered death, pain, and disease. Or so they think, until Katherine is diagnosed with a terminal brain disease brought on by sensory input overload. She refuses to play to the fascinated public, but little does she know there are cameras on anyway…


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