The library is delighted to announce that we now have audiobooks that you can check out! You can access our collection, offering a wide range of choices for listeners age 11-18 and beyond, as you access the ebooks in Overdrive.

Here is quick comic guide to get you started:

Click to embiggen

Click to embiggen.

If you still have questions, follow the more detailed steps below!


To access audiobooks simply go to the library website and click on the ebooks link.

find ebooks on the library website


Sign into Overdrive using your Casti account. The fastest way to see all the audiobooks in Overdrive is to use the Collections drop-down menu to click on Listen to a great read!

overdrive listen to a great read

You will know that a book is an audiobook if you see the headphones icon. Grey headphones icons mean the book is checked out (but you can place a hold); black headphones icons mean the book is available.

overdrive listen to a great read page

Alternately, you can pick a collection or subject that interests you, such as Sci-Fi and Fantasy.


Once on the Sci-Fi & Fantasy page, look for the filters on the left-hand side of the page, and select Audiobooks.

overdrive filter audiobooks

You can check out a total of three digital books (audiobooks and ebooks) at a time.


Once you borrow an audiobook, you can listen in your browser (with wifi) or download it and listen on any device that has the Overdrive app. Remember that you do not need an Overdrive account. You can log in with your library card (which is your Casti Overdrive account username and password); just search for and select the Castilleja School library and you can sign into your Overdrive account username and password from your phone, ipad, Kindle, etc.

To download a book to your phone/ipad, simply click on the Account icon…

overdrive phone account

…and click Download. It is best to do this while you are on wifi.

overdrive checkout


To listen to your book on a mobile device, click on the icon of three horizontal bars: overdrive menu icon

Your navigation menu will appear.

You can do many different tasks from this menu, including accessing the books you have checked out and downloaded.  They appear on your Bookshelf:

overdrive on phone


Simply click on the book you want to listen to, and it will start to play.

Some of the helpful navigational buttons on the play screen are:

 Playback speed: Some people like to listen to books faster or more slowly. Do that here. 

overdrive playback speed

Bookmark: Listening with family or friends and they need to go? But you want to keep listening? Place a bookmark so they know where to resume later.

overdrive bookmark

Sleep timer: Like to fall asleep to a book, but hate when it keeps on playing? Want to take just a fifteen minute break and then get back to work? Set the story to automatically stop after a certain period of time.

overdrive sleep timer                                

You have 14 days to listen to your audiobooks, and they return themselves automatically when your time expires. Enjoy!