eBook FAQ

Castilleja Library offers ebooks and audiobooks for checkout through Overdrive! No more do you have to worry if it’s the weekend and you’ve run out of books to read, or if it’s summer vacation and you need something right this minute. Our ebook collection has thousands of books for you to check out.

Click here to visit Castilleja’s Digital Library on Overdrive.

The library also loans out HP Slate devices to be used for e-reading on Overdrive and Kindle apps only. Slates can be checked out for one week. Students must sign a contract before checking out a Slate, and fees will be assessed for lost devices or lost chargers.

How do I use Overdrive?


Click here to visit Overdrive’s Help Center, where you can watch device-specific videos that will help you check out books for the first time. You can also download a PDF of instructions (Kindle here, other devices here). If you have more questions, please come in to talk to your librarians!

Who gets to use Overdrive?
Castilleja students and employees are issued a username and PIN when they start at Casti. Alumnae cannot access the digital library. We are happy to give you tips on how to use your public library’s ebooks.

How do I log in?
Your username and PIN are sent to you at the beginning of the school year. If you cannot remember these things or want to change your PIN, please send an email to libraryATcastillejaDOTorg or come in and speak with your librarians!

Why does the Overdrive app ask me for my username twice?
If you are using the app as opposed to accessing the digital library via a web browser, Overdrive now asks you to make an account with them. This can be useful, since logging in means the app will sync your progress across any devices you may use. It also allows you to use the app with other libraries with digital collections, not just Castilleja’s. Unfortunately, we have no control over this feature, since it is controlled by the Overdrive company. You may bypass account creation if you are under 13, but it is now required for all other users. If you view this screen, however, know that it is not your Casti username and password they are asking for. If you need more help with this issue, visit this page on the Overdrive site.

What devices can I use?
Overdrive works with desktop computers, laptops, tablets, Android devices, iOS devices, and Kindles. Before checking out an ebook, you can click on the title and then check the available formats so that you can be sure you are able to read the book in the app or format you wish.

What is in the collection? Is it an exact duplicate of the print collection?
The collection has a variety of fiction and nonfiction books of interest to the Castilleja community, as well as audiobooks. Some of the books are titles we also own in print, and some are only available as ebooks.

Does this mean print books are going away?
No! We are offering you more ways to read, not fewer.

How many ebooks can I check out at a time?
You can check out three ebooks at a time. This is in addition to the six print books you may have checked out at a time.

Can I put books on reserve?
Yes! If a book is not available for checkout, you can mouse over it and click on “Hold.” Users 13 or older will receive emails when their hold becomes available. If you are under 13, you will have to continue to log in to Overdrive periodically to see if the book is available to you.

How long can you keep a book checked out?
Two weeks.

Are there overdue fees?
No. Books automatically delete from your device when the checkout period has lapsed.

Why are some books not available?
Just like our print collection, we do not own every book ever published! But our collection is always growing. If you have a suggestion, you can email your librarians. Unfortunately, many books are simply not available to any library to purchase as ebooks. This post on our website can help you understand the restrictions that are beyond our control.

Do I need an account with Amazon or Adobe to read ebooks?
Yes and no. Most of our ebooks can be read as soon as you check them out by using Overdrive Read, which works in your browser as long as you are connected to the Internet. If you would like to download the book for offline reading, you need either an Amazon account (for Kindle devices or the Kindle app) or an Adobe app (for using the Adobe Editions app, available on most mobile and tablet devices). If you do not already have one of these accounts, it’s best to talk with your parents about setting one up, especially if you are under 13. The school cannot set one up for you. Occasionally a book may be available as PDF, which means you can read it in any PDF viewer without needing a third-party account.

Can I use my Apple ID to read ebooks?
No. Our ebooks are not compatible with iBooks.

How do I find Overdrive?
The direct link is baislca.libraryreserve.com. Ebooks are also integrated into our regular library catalog, indicated by a blue icon with an e inside. You can also download the Overdrive Media Console app to your Android or iOS device via Google Play or the App Store.

Can I use Overdrive over the summer and on breaks?
Yes! The ebook library is open 24/7, so you can always log in and find a book to read.

I still have a question.
Send us an email or come into the library to talk to us!

Slates – How-To and FAQ

What if I lose the Slate or lose the charger?
You will be assessed a fee. As a reminder, here is the contract you signed.

Can I use the Slate for schoolwork, Facebook, etc?
No. Please refer to the contract. The Slates are for e-reading only. You may not download new applications or change the settings on the devices.

How do I sign in?
Each Slate has a unique ID and is already signed in to Amazon Kindle and Overdrive Media Console. Once you are in the Overdrive app (or, an easier way to sign in is to go to the Chrome browser and sign in from baislca.libraryreserve.com), sign in with your Casti username and PIN sent to you by the library. This will log you in so that you may browse ebooks and check them out. You may read in your browser, or, if available, download a Kindle book to the Kindle app. When you are sent to authenticate with Amazon, the Slate’s unique Amazon ID will already be signed in so that you can download the ebook.

You may need to sign into a wifi network if you are off campus. To do this, go to Settings, click on wifi, and then select the network you would like to join. Type in your password and wait for it to connect. If you are having trouble connecting, turn the wifi off, wait a few minutes, and then turn it on again and try reconnecting.

How do I download ebooks?
Please refer to the FAQ above on how to download ebooks to various devices and apps.

What types of ebooks work on the Slates?
Slates can use Overdrive Read, Kindle, and PDF. They cannot read books in Adobe EPUB.

How long can I keep the Slate? Can I renew it?
Slates have a one-week checkout period. You can renew the Slate for one additional week, but only if you physically bring the Slate into the library to do so. When returning the Slate, please hand it (and its charger) directly to a librarian. Do not put it in the book drop.

What is a Slate?
HP Slates run Android operating systems, so they will be familiar to you if you have an Android phone.

Does the Slate count as one of my library checkouts?
Yes. If you have checked out a Slate, you have a remaining five checkouts on physical books and six ebooks.