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Virtual Makeover

Welcome to the new-and-improved Castilleja Library website. This site is powered by WordPress, a powerful collaborative web-platform. You might already be familiar with WordPress if you’ve written a review on our Student Book Reviews site. One of the main features of this site is that you can contribute!

You can voice your opinion by leaving a reply on any post. Simply enter your Casti username (ie 14jsmith) and your password when prompted. It’s really easy. This site will also feature everything library related, including new books, upcoming events in the library and the community.

You can send us your photos and we’ll feature them here. And if you’d like to contribute by writing an article, just send us an email or use the contact form in the “About” tab in the page above.

We can’t wait to have your participation. Stay tuned for updates and thanks for flying with WordPress! Feel free to leave reply below.

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3 Responses to “Virtual Makeover”

  1. Ms. Iyer says:

    Thanks for looking!

  2. Ms. Seroff says:

    I am so excited about our new site!

  3. Matt Montagne says:

    Looks awesome you two! Big props on accessibility as well. The site looks fantastic on an iPad! I really like how you’ve avoided the use of flash.

    Suggestion-enable anonymous commenting with moderation. This will allow other people from around the globe to participate here (and parents too!!)

    Keep up the stellar work!!!



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