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Recommended Pleasure Reading

Recommended Pleasure Reading

Just in time for summer, we’ve revised and expanded our Recommended Pleasure Reading book! This is a list of book recommendations for 6th through 12th graders specially chosen by your librarians for their high quality, interesting plots and characters, and enjoyable reading experiences. You can click below to view it online; it is also available by clicking on the purple Recommended Reading square to your right.

Enjoy! We can’t wait to hear about the books you read this summer.

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New Resources for Choosing What To Read Next!

New Resources for Choosing What To Read Next!

novplus200Just in time for summer, we’ve added two amazing resources for students and families searching for great reads. First, the new edition of our Recommended Pleasure Reading booklet is here! Just click on the Recommended Reading square to your right to view the booklet online.

Second, we’ve added an amazing new database to our collection of electronic resources: NoveList Plus. This fantastic tool is great for finding out more about books you’re interested in and for discovering new books based on what you love. You can find the link to NoveList Plus on the Databases page.

There are so many ways to use this database! You can search for particular titles the way you would search Amazon or GoodReads, but the results will include even more information, like professional book reviews, descriptions of the storytelling style, and “readalikes,” or similar books and authors. You’ll also be able to search for books that share an aspect of the book you already like, such as “intricately plotted” or “strong sense of place.” If you aren’t sure yet what you’d like to read, NoveList Plus can help you with that, too. If you click on Feature Articles, you can read guides to all sorts of genres, from romance to magical realism. And, of course, you can always do a keyword search for anything you’re interested in and then refine your results by audience, year of publication, theme, or genre. There is a lot to learn about and do in NoveList Plus. These video tutorials may help you, but you can also come into the library and ask us for help.

We hope you enjoy these new resources. Here’s to a summer full of books!

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Flame 2014 is here!

Flame 2014 is here!

Flame, the middle school’s annual literary magazine, is here! You’ll definitely want to check out the amazing artwork, photography, poetry and prose in the 2014 edition. Click in the box below to read it online!

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Casti Students Share Their Summer Reading Plans!

Casti Students Share Their Summer Reading Plans!

Our library TAs know what summer is all about – reading, of course!

Corinne M. ’15 says,

Summer vacation is the perfect time to sit down with a juicy book and read the day away. The summer seems to be a relatively empty one for me so I thought the best way to spend my time was to read my way through the list of books I have compiled over the last year or two. The first book, or should I say books, that I want to read is the Lord of the Rings. I have always been a fan of the Lord of the Rings movies and I have read The Hobbit (the prequel to LotR) but I have not had the time to sit down and read the trilogy that so obviously is better than the movies.

Next on my list is The Seventh Miss Hatfield, the first novel in the trilogy written by our very own Anna Caltabiano. I can’t wait to see what she has in store, especially after the success of the first book. Next is EVERY BOOK WRITTEN BY JOHN GREEN. Yes, this needed to be in all caps! I’ve read The Fault in Our Stars and it was amazing. I thought it was about time to read the rest of them. The Divergent series has been recommended to me over and over again, and with my free days this summer, I thought, why not read another dystopian series about an awesome girl who fights the government!?

Now I am someone who likes to read any romance fantasy novel. I basically live for them, so when one of my friends told me about the Hush, Hush saga I though there wasn’t a better series for me to start reading.

This is my reading list for the summer months; what’s yours?

Clare T. ’15 loves finding the perfect reading nook:

This summer I’m most looking forward to reading on the porch of a house my extended family stays in in Oregon every year. I’ll go out in the morning, before everyone else is up, and sit out on the deck with the birds and sunrise. It’s always quiet, but never silent, perfect for focusing on a book as well as being present. I’m looking forward to getting sucked in to a really good story – what it is, I don’t know yet, but I’m sure I’ll find something before July!

Hannah K. ’15 says,

I’m really looking forward to reading some nonfiction over the summer! I’ve always stuck more to fiction, but I’m beginning to realize how much interesting science-writing is out there! I’m excited to finally read some of Mary Roach’s books, like Stiff and Gulp. I’ve also heard a lot about The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks but have never gotten around to reading it: it follows the story of a woman whose cancer cells became widely used in research without her knowledge and investigates ethical issues in medicine. But, as always, I’m also looking forward to rereading some of my old favorites. I’ve read the Harry Potter series at least seven times, but I have a feeling I’ll return to them over the summer.

Nothing is better than reading in bed, but I do a lot of reading when I’m traveling during the summer. Luckily I’m not one of those people who gets sick in moving vehicles, so I read a lot on long car trips. And the beach is the perfect place for a book!

Alex Z. ’15 says,

Hear the word “essay” and want to run away? Don’t! This summer, I’m stacking my bookshelf with essay collections. Essays can be incredibly dynamic — they’re just the right length, can be hilarious or devastating, scientific or fantastical, and can pack a major punch. Perfect for the beach or during a break at work!

What are your summer reading plans? Email or tell us in the comments!

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