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Glass Kite Anthology

Glass Kite Anthology

Glass Kite Anthology - Submissions Flyer
Nowadays, so many amateur writers are trying to get their work out to the public…ourselves included. Websites like Figment and TeenInk offer an online platform for writers to publish stories, poems, and other written media; however, considering the amount of writing published on the platforms, being noticed is still quite a difficult feat for any piece of writing, despite how unforgettable or hard-hitting it may be.

When we joined these online communities, we stumbled upon some beautiful, touching, and truly spectacular pieces of writing that weren’t as renowned as we thought they should be. We decided then that we wanted to assist passionate, talented, and hard-working writers in being recognized. On July 9, 2014, we founded the Glass Kite Anthology in order to fulfill our goal of publishing the hidden gems and pieces that may have otherwise gone unnoticed by the public eye. We want to publish the most moving, powerful, authentic, poignant, and raw pieces by writers and are looking for original work that avoids cliché, catches the reader by surprise, and invokes a sense of wonder.

We are so incredibly excited to begin this journey, but because we are just starting out, we need all the help we can get. This help can come in the form of spreading the word around about us, promoting our anthology, liking our Facebook page, and of course: SUBMITTING. We want as many submissions as possible, regardless of content or the age of the writer. Whether you’re 5 or 95, it doesn’t matter. We don’t focus on age–just the amazing stories in your words. So send us whatever you have. Encourage others to submit: your friends, random people on the street, anyone.

And if you enjoy editing, why not apply to be a staff reader on the team? You will earn invaluable editing experience with a literary magazine and have a say in what goes in the magazine. Not to worry: you may still submit to the anthology as a staff reader.

Visual artists, you have an opportunity to publish your artwork! We accept any medium of visual art, as long as it can be viewed in a 2D format.

We are the Glass Kite Anthology. Dedicated to the awe-inspiring, thought-provoking, and completely original literary works by people of all ages. Go ahead. Look around, learn more about us. And when you feel ready, don’t forget to submit.

For more information on all of the above, visit:

Please email us at with any questions or comments! We look forward to hearing from you.

- Margaret Z. ’17 and Noel P. ’17
Glass Kite Anthology

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AS King Can Read Like a Pirate–Can You?

AS King Can Read Like a Pirate–Can You?

AS King Blog Image

Ahoy and avast, ye mateys who love a good guffaw! September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day, and we library lubbers are styling it Read Like a Pirate Day at Casti. Join in during break and lunch, offer a dramatic reading from your favorite story or poem–but say it in pirate! (“Aaarrg! I do not like green eggs and ham, you scurvy dog!” “You do not like them, so you say, try them. Try them. And you may. Try them or walk the plank, I say!”)

It is time to get your pirate gear ready, because you can come to school in costume. We will be checking out a limited supply of pirate hats Thursday at lunch, on the Circle.

Then, get ready to bring a piratical reading to break or lunch on Friday. On the circle, we are setting up a mic where you can do a dramatic reading to delight one and all. There will be prizes for anyone who reads like a pirate.

“What is a piratical reading?” you might now be asking. Well, it would generally fall into one of three categories:

  1. A passage from a story or a poem about pirates (see AS King’s video, below);
  2. A passage read in a pirate voice; or
  3. A passage that you have translated into Pirate speak (see examples and glossaries below).

Each reading should be short–about 1-2 minutes in length.

For example:

“I’ll not be swabbin’ the decks, not me!”
Said fearsome Gnarly Anne McGee
“I be afeard o’ measles and o’ mumps,
A gash, a rash an’ scurvy bumps.
The water be addled, the grog runs dry
The gangway hit me in me eye!
Them weevils be as big as rocks!
I be countin’ sixteen bloody pox
An’ I spy one more–thar be seventeen,
And, sink me! This sea dog be lookin’ green!”
–Adapted from Shel Silverstein’s “Sick”


Yo, ho! Me wench’s eyes be darker than the sun;
Blood be redder than her lips;
If masts be white, why then her peg leg be dun;
If hairs be riggings, black riggings grow out of her head.
I don’t be swabbin’ the deck muchly,
But it be cleaner than me lass’ duds;
And in Davy Jones’s locker is there less addle
Than in the breath that from me wench reeks.
I love to hear her blethering, yet I be well aware
That the shanties me mateys sing be lovelier;
Ne’er a mermaid has lured me under;
Me wench when she sails goes by the wind.
    And yet, I swear I’ll be true to that lassie,
    Or ye can make me walk the plank.

–Adapted from Shakespeare’s “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun” (Sonnet 130)

Should you want some help translating into Pirate speak, here are some glossaries you might find useful:

To get you inspired, here is AS King, author of the forthcoming Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future andPrintz Honor recipient for Please Ignore Vera Dietz, reading from her piratical book The Dust of 100 Dogs.


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My Favorite Things: Date Range Filtering

My Favorite Things: Date Range Filtering

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 1.59.57 PM

Have you ever wished you could look at webpages on a particular topic…but only from the last month? Identify books about FDR, but only those written during his presidency? Find pictures of One Direction, but only those posted during their X Factor days?

Google’s Date range filter allows you to specify a time period from which you want content. It works in general Web search, Images, Videos, News, and Scholar, and comes with automatic settings for items ranging from the past hour to the past year. So, for example, if you want only the latest help pages for using Google Drive, you can limit them to the past year and not get information that was last relevant in 2011.

Even cooler is the Custom range option, where you can tell Google from exactly what dates you want to see pages. Custom range allows you to tell Google that you want to see content from between two specific dates, such as pictures of One Direction posted to the web specifically between July 23, 2010, and December 12, 2010. Your can select a range of a single day, decade, or century. So, you could look for mentions of President Obama, but only before he announced he was running for president. Or take a snapshot of the reaction from the scientific community on the very day when Stephen Hawkings announced he no longer believed black holes existed as we have been thinking about them.

Physicist Stephen Hawking announced a new position on black holes on January 22, 2014.

This tool came in very handy recently, when I was writing a blog post about cool things authors do in addition to writing their books. I wanted to look at author Scott Westerfeld’s first blog post about parasites.

(1) I knew Westerfeld’s web address, so I did a site: search for [ parasite], asking Google to only look within that one website for any pages containing the word parasite.

[ parasite]


(2) By clicking on the Search tools button at the end of the menu appearing below the search box, I open a set of options, which appear in a new row. In general Web search, I get: Any timeAll results, and my location.

[scottwesterfeld parasite] search tools

(3) By clicking on Any time, I open a list of possible time filters:

  • Any time
  • Past hour
  • Past 24 hours
  • Past week
  • Past month
  • Past year, and
  • Custom range

I click on Custom range.

[scottwesterfeld parasite] any time open

(4) A Custom range box pops up, and lets me chose the dates I want my range to start and end. Since I know that Peeps was published in 2005, I ask for any pages from Westerfeld’s site that mention parasites, and which Google found before 2006. Google will auto-correct who years entered into the To box to the last day of the year–in this case, 12/31/2006.

[scottwesterfeld parasite] custom range

(5) I am now only seeing pages Google found before December 31, 2006. It tells me that the date filter is on right there in the menus under the search box. Also, each result showing on the page now also tells me the date on which Google first visited it.

[scottwesterfeld parasite] custom range on

(6) Another cool option has now appeared: there is a Sort by relevance drop-down menu, which allows me to change the order of my results. Now, I can Sort by date, instead. Note that pages sorted by date will be in reverse chronological order, meaning that the most recent pages will come first.

[scottwesterfeld parasite] sorted by date(7) Finally, it is simply a matter of going to the final result, or the earliest page on Westerfeld’s website that mentions parasites. Note that Google found it on August 21, 2005, which was actually the same day it was posted to the web.

[scottwesterfeld parasite] earliest post

I find that I use date range filtering a lot when I search. It can help me isolate a desired point in time, and using the date range filter in combination with the Sorted by date feature turns out to b very useful if I am trying to find the original source of an idea or an image.

How might you use it?

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Upcoming Bay Area Literary Events

Upcoming Bay Area Literary Events

islaWelcome back to campus! There’s no better time than the beginning of the school year to get your read on. Check out these nearby events with authors and creative types.

September 7 @ 4:00pm, A Great Good Place for Books
Love romance? Stephanie Perkins, author of Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door, and the upcoming Isla and the Happily Ever After, will appear to celebrate the completion of her trilogy.

September 8 @ 7:00pm, Books Inc Opera Plaza
If you missed yesterday’s event, Stephanie Perkins will appear in San Francisco, in conversation with another YA superstar, Nina LaCour, author of such books as Everything Leads to You.

September 12 @ 7:00pm, Kepler’s
Throne of Glass fans, get excited! Sarah J. Maas is visiting, and her third book is coming out. And to celebrate another trilogy coming to a close, Veronica Rossi (Under the Never Sky) will appear alongside her.

September 13 @ 4:00pm, Palo Alto Library
Head to the downtown library to celebrate the abundance of teen books turned into movies!geteven

September 18 @ 7:00pm, Books Inc Opera Plaza
Three YA authors, Gretchen McNeil, Anna Carey, and Catherine Linka, will read from their new books and sign their autographs.

September 18 @ 6:30pm, Book Passage Corte Madera
If you loved The 5th Wave (which will soon be a movie starring Chloe Grace Moretz!), you’ll want to be first in line to see author Rick Yancey appear to promote book two in the series, The Infinite Sea.

September 19 @ 7:00pm, Hicklebee’s
Authors Lisa Culbertson and Catherine Linka will appear to promote their books. Culbertson’s is called Catch a Falling Star and is a romantic comedy about a Hollywood star in a small town. Linka’s novel, A Girl Named Fearless, is a dystopia that takes place in a terrifying future America where a young girl is bought so that a man running for president can have an attractive First Lady.

R.J. Palacio

R.J. Palacio

September 19 @ 7:00pm, JCC SF
Are you one of the scads of fans of R.J. Palacio’s Wonder? Don’t miss her speech! It’s sure to be inspiring. (This is a ticketed event. $10.)

September 20 @ 7:30pm, The Booksmith
Bestselling fantasy and sci-fi author Malinda Lo (Ash, Adaptation) will introduce and interview Sarah Waters, author of the new book The Paying Guests. This novel is a psychological thriller set in post-Edwardian Britain.

September 26 @ 6:30pm, Books Inc Laurel Village
If you were one of the many fans of Cynthia Kadohata’s book The Thing About Luck last year, you’ll be glad to know she has a new novel coming out, called Half a World Away. Come to this event to get the scoop.

September 30 @ 7:30pm, Nourse Theater
Local author and activist Dave Eggers (A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius) will sit down in conversation with the acclaimed feminist, literary author, and MacArthur Genius Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Americanah) to discuss her important work in multiple arenas. (This is a ticketed event benefiting 826 Valencia. $27.)

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

September 30 @ 8:00pm, JCC SF
Participants in last year’s reading challenge might remember the book Go. Or if you’ve ever admired any book cover, chances are, it was designed by Chip Kidd! This acclaimed graphic designer will appear to converse with Michael Cho, a graphic novel and comics artist presenting his latest work, Shoplifter. (This is a ticketed event. $25 and up.)

October 2 @ 7:00pm, Kepler’s
Best-selling author Lauren Oliver (Delirium, Liesl & Po) will appear alongside Jandy Nelson (I’ll Give You the Sun, The Sky is Everywhere) as both present their latest books.

October 3 @ 7:00pm, Hicklebee’s
Lovers of realistic fiction won’t want to miss an event with three local superstar writers, Jandy Nelson, Stephanie Kuehn (Charm & Strange), and Nina LaCour (The Disenchantments, Everything Leads to You), all promoting their latest novels.

October 10-18, San Francisco
It’s LitQuake! Celebrate all things literary with this week-long festival of books. Especially don’t miss the TeenQuake, dedicated especially to YA literature and teenagers!

Aasif Mandvi

Aasif Mandvi

October 11 @ 8:00pm, JCC SF
Anyone who loves to laugh or watch Comedy Central will know Aasif Mandvi. The comedian has written his first book, a memoir called No Man’s Land, and will make a stop in San Francisco to promote it. (This is a ticketed event. $25 and up.)

Do you know of other events not listed here? Let us know!

Have you gone to an event? Write a review for the library website!

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