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Collections in Sora

Collections in Sora

Looking for your next ebook or audiobook in Sora? Try browsing the collections in Sora. Collections are curated lists of books that are grouped together based on genre, format, theme, or appeal term. If you’ve scrolled through the Explore tab in Sora, you may have already seen collections like “Great 6th Grade Reads”, “Queer & Here”, or “Literature for Older Readers”. To see all of the collections at once, click or tap “Collections” at the top right of the Explore tab.

We are updating our current collections and adding new ones regularly. Let us know if you have a suggestion for a collection!

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Peninsula Libraries Comic Arts Fest

Peninsula Libraries Comic Arts Fest

Comic creators and appreciators: throughout the month of March, Peninsula Libraries will be hosting a Comic Arts Fest! Check out events like author visits, comics and storytelling workshops, DIY screen printing, a small press comics expo, and a documentary screening of She Makes Comics featuring interviews with some of the most influential women in the comics industry.

Find the complete schedule of events here.

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Creativebug: Online Arts & Crafts Classes

Creativebug: Online Arts & Crafts Classes

Crafters! Creativebug offers online video arts and crafts workshops so you can learn how to paint, knit, crochet, sew, screen print, and more. This is a subscription service, but Santa Clara County Library cardholders can access Creativebug for free! All you need is a library card. Click here to fill out a library card application. Once you’ve got your card, click here to explore all the fun projects available from Creativebug.

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Check out a Casti Library Action Pack (CLAP)!

Check out a Casti Library Action Pack (CLAP)!

Have you heard about Casti Library Action Packs (CLAPs)?? Borrow all the materials you’ll need to complete one of three fun activities: cloudspotting, pompom making, and sashiko mending. The upcoming February break is the perfect time to check one out!

The Cloudspotting CLAP comes with cloud and light effects identifiers, an inflatable pillow, and watercolors. Get outside and see what kinds of clouds you can spot using The Cloud Collector’s Handbook. Lay back on the inflatable pillow and draw inspiration from the sky to create a small watercolor painting!

The Pompom Making CLAP comes with four sizes of pompom makers, yarn, scissors, and a cat brush to make super fluffy pompoms. Try out some of the projects in Pompomania, like garlands, cacti, emojis, and more!

The brand new Sashiko Mending CLAP comes with embroidery thread, needles, and hoop, scissors, and fabric so that you can make an embroidered patch. Make + Mend has sashiko stitching patterns, plus project ideas for your completed patch!

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Awesome Archives for Hispanic Heritage Month

Awesome Archives for Hispanic Heritage Month

La Cuesta Rancho Santa Barbara County : 1892, from the “Hispanics on the Central Coast – 300 Years of History” Collection by the Black and Gold Cooperative Library System. Public Domain.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, you might be interested in checking out contemporary and historical digital archives covering art, literature, politics, and much, much more! 

Here are some examples to explore, and advice for finding even more, but feel free to post other favorites in Comments:

UCSB Library, Department of Special Research Collections (on Calisphere) includes an extremely rich range of LatinX visual art archives and artists’ papers, as well as oral histories, sound recordings, and more. (Also see New York’s MoMA for a list of Archives of LatinX art).

Archive of Hispanic Literature on Tape (Library of Congress) Listen to recordings of readings, interviews, and older biographies of and by “writers from thirty-two countries are represented in this collection which includes readings in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, French, Náhuatl, Zapotec, Aymara, English and Dutch.” Recordings cover 1873-present. More about the collection.

Veteranas and Rucas (on Instagram) Historical “Photo Archive/self representation archive by/for self identified Women of So.Cal” by Guadalupe Rosales.

LLILAS Benson Digital Collections (University of Texas) Rich set of archives including everything from the Guatemalan National Police Historical Archive to Archive of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas to books printed in Mexico before 1601 to speeches and documents from a wide variety of countries’ political leaders, not to mention oral histories of Latinos and Latinas of the WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War generations.

Hispanic/Latino Heritage (National Archives) Arts, Entertainment, and Culture; Education and Civil Rights, Government and Politics; Diplomacy; Veterans; and more.

San Diego Lowrider Archival Project (University of San Diego) “The San Diego Lowrider Archival Project documents the history of lowriding in San Diego and the surrounding borderlands, from the 1950s through today. The project includes photographs, car club documents and memorabilia, official records, meeting minutes, dance posters and lowrider art. These materials reflect important qualities of the lowrider movement: creativity, independence, cultural pride, resistance, activism, community service, collectivism, tradition and ritual, and cultural continuity.”

Don’t forget to search Calisphere, California’s central digital archive of primary sources covering the history of our state. For example, you can find sources on the Zoot Suit Riots or the Mexican American Political Association there.

You can also look at other state archives, such as New York, that have been working on documenting LatinX history of the US.

If you want to dive further into the hundreds of digitized and physical archives available, or search for a specific topic, location, or heritage of interest to you, here are some open web searches to get you started:

[ hispanic OR latino OR latina OR chicano OR chicana OR latinx archives ]

[ “mexican OR cuban OR salvadoran OR rican OR peruvian american” archives ]

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Recaptains: A New Reading Resource

Are you excited for Leigh Bardugo’s next Grishaverse book? Counting the days for the sequel to Children of Blood and BoneMaybe you just learned there’s a third book in Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series. But if you’re anything like us, there is just one problem: you cannot quite remember where the last book left off. What had the main character just discovered about her magic? Who was left dead; who had just arisen from the dead? Who was dating whom?

the logo for the Recaptains websiteFortunately, we have discovered Recaptains, if you need “a refresher before the sequel is released, this is where you need to be.” Beyond a short synopsis and a longer, bullet-pointed step-by-step review of the plot, the “How did it end” section of each entry reviews the major plot details of the last few chapters–leaving you ready to pick the story up once more.

A lot the entries are user submitted, so beyond finding the information you need without rereading the whole series, you can also submit summaries of books that you love and hope to share with other readers. Check out their website or follow them on twitter!


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