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Castilleja Fights ‘Til the End!

Castilleja Fights ‘Til the End!


Castilleja and Carlmont team captains shake hands after the competition.

Castilleja took 2nd place at the 46th annual Millard Fillmore Trivia Hunt on Monday night. After working hard from Friday afternoon to Sunday to research and document answers to 90 obscure trivia questions, our team did a great job defending their answers and critiquing the other teams’ documentation. It was a close race throughout the night, with Castilleja and Carlmont neck and neck. Casti students gave perfect “command performances,” reciting the Gettysburg Address, listing all the US presidents in reverse chronological order, and winning the Sudoku challenge with 17 seconds to spare. Team co-captain Hannah K. ‘15 said, “We were really impressed with Carlmont. Their competition will make us even better next year!” For this year the trophy has returned to the school where the FOMF competition originated, but Castilleja is already planning their strategy to come back strong in next year’s Hunt! Thanks to everyone who helped out.

Carlmont's winning team 2014

Carlmont’s winning team 2014



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6th Graders Explore Ancient History in the Library


Together with their teacher Dr. Docter, the Class of 2020 uses library resources to develop expertise in World History. Read their comments to hear more about what they learned!

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City of Bones Movie Released August 21st!


If you haven’t read the book yet, we’ve got you covered! If you have seen the film, we’d like to hear your thoughts. What did you think of the casting? Did they stay true (enough) to the plot? Post comments here or contact a librarian if you wish to publish a movie review on our website.

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Check out student-recommended movies from our library!

If you enjoy movies such as Totoro or Spirited Away, you should definitely check out Miyazaki’s latest hit, The Secret World of Arrietty. A charming film, Arrietty is far lighter than other movies by the Japanese animator, and would make for a great family movie night. Arrietty is a beautifully hand-animated story of the Borrowers, little people who survive on the leftovers of the humans whose home they inhabit. Sean is a boy with a heart condition who meets Arrietty, the daughter of the Borrower family, and neither of their lives will ever be the same.

–By Chloe M. ’18 and Katie L. ’18

From Ms. Gwin’s Film elective!

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More student movie recommendations! DVD available at our library!

Man on Wire is a documentary film  about a French man walking on wires, essentially trying to reach the goal of walking on a wire connecting the Twin Towers. The message that the film sends to the viewers is to never give up on what you want to achieve. The funambulist (or tightrope walker), Philippe Petit, along with his friends took years to plan the logistics of getting onto one of the towers and setting up the rope; much of the film follows this preparation. Suspenseful, visual, and surprising, this movie reminds you to always go after what you want.

–By Aditi S. ’17 and Julia N. ’17

From Ms. Gwin’s Film elective!

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5 minutes of time-saving tips from NY Times technology columnist David Pogue

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